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Episode 012: Lincoln’s Melancholy

A personal and perhaps depressing episode this week, but important nevertheless. This week we do some quick follow up on organic reach research on Facebook. Then the topic of depression in entrepreneurship, questioning why we do what we do, and how Lincoln’s own melancholy made him just the right person, the right instrument, to lead the nation through the Civil War.

One thing I want to leave here in the show notes is an excerpt of The Sangamo Journal, a newspaper in New Salem, Illinois that Lincoln particularly enjoyed:

Push along. Push hard. Push earnestly…You can’t do without it. The world is so made — society is so constructed that it’s a law of necessity that you must push. That is if you would be something and somebody.

Who succeeds? Who makes money, honor, and reputation? He work heartily, sincerely, manfully, pushed and he on. Be what you may at the to or bottom of the scale, you have got to push in to command success. It’s so with every man. Do you point to what is called the man of pusher — he pushes all the time. It’s the very philosophy of his height and power…

If things look dark, push harder. — Sunshine and blue sky are just beyond. IF you are entangled, push — if your heart grows feeble, push, push. You’ll come glorious, never fear. You are on the right track, and working with the right materials. So push along. Keep pushing.

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Episode 012: Lincoln’s Melancholy